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I just can’t wait to really get stuff done this summer. Need to get back into a good workout routine, get back on the ice for some hockey [sad that I broke my favorite stick last Saturday on a slap shot :’( - will need to buy a new stick and new shin guards], really work through this bible study myself so, God willing, I can teach it in the fall at school, keep playing my guitar, get my snowboarding equipment, and start getting inked.

Payday was yesterday, so I will get my first paycheck in two weeks. Let’s see if I can really delve into the bible study, guitar, and my exercise!

Hope everyone has been doing well. I will try to get on here more often and post about more things God has been telling me through His Word so that it will hopefully inspire you!

2 years ago
Ezekiel 22:30: Sometimes we forget that there is God's time and there is our time. →


I’m glad I kept that in mind when writing that post. So that’s why I said or for however long it takes! :D

It’s quite ridiculous that people say we can’t question the Bible. You totally can! You just have to question why you don’t understand the answer. And pray that you find the answer. I…

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2 years ago